Benefits from using pallets for the subsequent processes

Parts aligned with the same posture at the same pitch are used in various fields.

As pre-processes

  • Insertion to a baking carbon jig -> To a baking oven
  • To a washing machine
  • Painting process
  • To an insert (outsert) molding machine
  • To a grinding machine
  • To a press-fit process
  • To a laser marking machine
  • As jigs for various printing processes

As assembling processes

  • Assembly of various kinds of parts on a flat surface
  • Handling by robot
  • As a part stocker to be fed to automatic assembling machine

Inspection and counting

  • Jig for part screening (Deformed parts are not mixed.)
  • As an alignment jig for checker
  • Appearance, dimension and defect inspection by image processing
  • The front and back sides can both be inspected by additional use of inversion pallets.
  • As jigs for dividing part types


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